ANB Solar Powered LED - Free, Safe, Clean, Renewable

ANB-Solar LED Compact (AIP Series) ANB-Solar LED Split (AIS Series)



  • Garden, Residence, Courtyard
  • Main roads and avenue
  • Mining area and parking lot
  • Areas with no-electrical supply
  • Best lighting solution for Island and remote places


Product Features

  • Integrated design, easy installation, all components can be convenient to replace maintenance, save cost.
  • The intelligent controller matched the PIR infrared or the intelligent microwave inductor   to ensure the effective lighting ability of the lamps.
  • The high efficiency monocrystalline silicon conversation rate 18.5% solar panel, A1 grade high quality lithium iron phosphate battery.
  • Use the special plug joint, color anti – stop design, with anti-fault and other functions.
  • With a rotating lamp arm, it can be adjusted in multiple angles.
  • It is suitable for the installation requirements of different latitudes and different forms of lamp posts.
  • Professional waterproof design, protection grade IP65.
  • Wind resistance grade : 65m/sec.
  • Offer 1700lm / 2250lm / 3400lm / 4250lm / 5100lm / 6800lm, 6 different lumen value selection (AIP).
  • Offer 2550lm / 3400lm / 5100lm / 6800lm / 8500lm / 10200lm, 6 different lumen value selection (AIS).



  • No electricity costs.
  • ZERO cost on external electrical infrastructure set up and maintenance costs.
  • Reduces/prevents accidents and safety as more roads or compounds will be lit up.
  • Divert existing electricity to other essential requirement.
  • Minimise the hassle of construction and the impact on the environment.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint (CSR).
  • Aligned with Federal Movement’s Green Technology Master Plan (GTMP) to develop green technology and create a low carbon, resource efficient and sustainable economy.


Simple Installation & Extremely Practical

  • This standalone solar street lights are very simple to use, no separate battery pack required and no complicated wiring or settings. All you need to do is to attach it with screws to the post and press the on/off button. That is all.
  • The solar street light will switch on when the sun rise. When there is no one around, it will dim it self to improve power efficiency, however, when any one approaches, it will increase its brightness by a factor of four.
Solar Street Light
  • Smart Control
  • 170lm/W
  • Automatic Light Control + Time Control
  • Infrared Human Sensor (PIR)
  • Microwave Sensor
  • Silver and Black color optional


Compact - AIP



The Original and World’s A Grade ANB “All-in-One” Solar light with all components. Fully Integrated within an easy to install panel.                                                                                                                                                              

Split- AIS

The latest ANB AIS series which combines a highly efficient solar panel connected to a high capacity lithium-ion battery, motion sensor and super bright 170lm/W LED light source.

Motion Sensor

It comes with motion detection system that automatically regulate the light source from full bright (100%) to dim mode (25%) to increase battery life span.


Solar Panel

  • High Efficient Monocrystalline Module
  • 18.5% Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency
  • Ending with 85% output in 20 years
  • 3.2mm tempered glass lamination for excellent mechanical load resistance


Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

  • Grade A1 level, best battery.
  • The series integrated solar street lamps, using high efficient lithium iron phosphate battery, high temperature performance, high current discharge, cycle life more than 2000 times.
  • The LiCoMnNiO2 battery in the market is not suitable for large current discharge, the high temperature performance is poor, there is a hidden danger of explosion, and the life cycle is 500 – 1000 times.


Working Principal

Where there is light radiation, photovoltaic modules are converted to electrical energy by solar radiation and intelligent controller is used to charge electrical energy into lithium iron phosphate battery. At the same time, the intelligent controller protects the overcharge and over discharge of the battery. The lighting switch and adjust lighting intelligent control without operation.


Photometrics Luminaire - AIP / AIS

Planning and analyzing of street light can be done by using lighting design software, which allows lighting simulations. It uses rendering, the process of generating an image from a model, by means of computer programs resulting in different tools for measuring the simulated light levels.


LED Chip

By choosing the Luxeon LED chips, with the aluminum lamp base and sealed lens, with its excellent heat dissipation, it is as if the LED chip has been placed in a sealed unit. Thus it maintains high brightness levels with very little fading. The sealed lenses are made of strong UV protected OC and are aging and shock resistant. The well optimized light distribution allows for a more uniform and wider lighting area.


Light Distribution Patterns - AIP


Light Distribution Patterns - AIS


Higher Lumen - AIP

Model   Replace MHL Lumen
ANB-10W AI (P) 35W 1700lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 15W - 20W)
ANB-15W AI (P) 50W 2250lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 25W - 30W)
ANB-20W AI (P) 75W 3400lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 30W - 35W)
ANB-25W AI (P) 100W 4250lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 40W - 45W)
ANB-30W AI (P) 125W 5100lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 50W - 55W)
ANB-40W AI (P) 150W 6800lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 65W - 70W)

* Offer 1700lm / 2250lm / 3400lm / 4250lm / 5100lm / 6800lm, 6 different lumen value selection 


Higher Lumen - AIS

Model   Replace MHL Lumen
ANB-15W AI (S) 50W 2500lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 25W - 30W)
ANB-20W AI (S) 75W 3400lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 30W - 35W)
ANB-30W AI (S) 100W 5100lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 50W - 55W)
ANB-40W AI (S) 125W 6800lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 65W - 70W)
ANB-50W AI (S) 150W 8000lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 70W - 80W)
ANB-60W AI (S) 200W 10200lm (Equivalent to competitor's LED 85W - 95W)

* Offer 2550lm / 3400lm / 5100lm / 6800lm / 8500lm / 10200lm, 6 different lumen value selection 


Product Information - AIP

Model Fixture LED Solar Panel Battery PIR Sensor Light Distribution
ANB-10W AI (P) 655*316*82 1700lm 18V 17W 115W Yes AU P5
ANB-15W AI (P) 905*316*82 2550lm 18V 29W 154W Yes AU P5
ANB-20W AI (P) 1045*316*82 3400lm 18V 35W 192W Yes AU P5
ANB-25W AI (P) 1201*316*82 4250lm 18V 45W 230W Yes AU P5
ANB-30W AI (P) 1295*371*82 5100lm 18V 60W 297W Yes AU P5
ANB-40W AI (P) 1295*4441*82 6800lm 18V 70W 308W Yes AU P5


Product Information - AIS

Model ANB-15W AI (S) ANB-20W AI (S) ANB-30W AI (S)   ANB-40W AI (S) ANB-50W AI (S) ANB-60W AI (S) 
Equivalent to competing products 25W - 30W 30W - 35W 50W - 55W 65W - 70W 70W - 80W 85W - 95W
LED (luminous flux) 2550lm 3440lm 5100lm 6800lm 8000lm 9300lm
Solar Panel (Parameter/W) 18V 55W 18V 65W 18V 85W 18V 110V 36V 165W 36V 210W
Solar Panel (Dimension mm) 685*515 685*515 758*670 1016*670 1480*670 1335*986
Battery/W (built-in lamp housing) Lithium 230.4W Lithium 307.2W Lithium 384W Lithium 460.8W Lithium 614.4W Lithium 921.6W
Smart Controller 365 days ON 365 days ON 365 days ON 365 days ON 365 days ON 365 days ON
Optical Lens Type II, III, P5, 120° Type II, III, P5, 120° Type II, III, P5, 120° Type II, III, P5, 120° Type II, III, P5, 120° Type II, III, P5, 120°
Lamp Dimension (mm) 672*330*82 672*330*82 812*330*82 812*330*82 812*330*82 952*330*82
Lamp Carton (cm) 76.2*42*17 76.2*42*17 90.2*42*17 90.2*42*17 90.2*42*17 104.2*42*17
Lamp N.W (kg) 10.01 10.59 13.57 15.05 20.71 26.42
Lamp G.W (kg) 11.01 11.99 15.27 17.05 23.11 29.42
Solar Panel Carton (cm) 75.5*59*7 75.5*59*7 82.8*74*8 108.6*74*8 155*74*8 140.5106*9
Solar Panel N.W (kg) 4.6 4.6 6.6 7.5 12.0 15.0
Solar Panel G.W (kg) 5.6 5.6 8.0 9.0 13.5 16.5


Installation Photos